Fumigation & Treatments
Fumigation with Vikane

Tent fumigation is the leading solution to Drywood Termite infestations. This treatment involves a carefully researched method of introducing Vikane Gas Fumigant (Sulphuryl Fluoride) into a structure. This effectively penetrates all wood timbers in sub areas, walls, attics, eaves, etc. to eliminate all the Drywood Termites within the structure.

Soil treatments
with Termidor®

There are several methods available to treat subterranean termites. A chemical treatment is the most common treatment type available for subterranean termites. The goal of a subterranean termite chemical treatment is to establish a continuous termiticide barrier between the termite colony (usually in the soil) and wood in a building. Technicians trench the soil and/or inject termiticide beneath it at 12-inch intervals. They may also drill into hollow masonry block foundations and inject termiticide into the block voids. This creates a protective barrier around the property. Subterranean Termites can build tubes up to the foundation and into the footings of your home fairly easily (they don't actually need a crack or void in the concrete) drilling and treating the slab floor this puts the material on both sides of the footing.

Local Drill & Treat with ProCitra-DL (Orange oil) or Premise®

This method involves drilling pin holes into Drywood Termite galleries and injecting termiticides into these galleries. Wood injection or "drill-and-treat" applications have been used since the 1920s to treat drywood termite infestations, which are accessible and detectable. An insecticide is injected into small holes drilled through any wood surface into termite galleries delivering the treatment directly to the pest population.