TERMIDOR Soil Treatments
ABOUT TERMIDOR: TERMIDOR is manufactured and distributed by Aventis Environmental Science USA (the Manufacturer). The Manufacturer makes the following claims about TERMIDOR:

1) TERMIDOR is applied similar to and works like a traditional termite soil treatment and it also works like a termite baiting service, only faster, much faster (2-6 times faster than termite bait systems)! Since 1997 TERMIDOR has given 100% control of termites in their US test cases. The manufacturer claims this was verified in every case: 100% control within 3 months! In the past four (4) years in France, over 20,000 houses were treated with TERMIDOR and there has not been a single failure or callback. Not one. Period.

2) TERMIDOR is America's first 100% termite solution. TERMIDOR has passed the stiffest tests that both US and foreign researchers could throw at it. TERMIDOR passed with flying colors. In fact, no other termiticide (termite product) in history has consistently returned '100% effective' results whenever and wherever it was used.

3) TERMIDOR chemistry has what is referred to as 'Transfer Effect': it controls the whole termite colony. 100% control within three (3) months!

4) TERMIDOR works differently than other soil products. The termites don't know they have been contaminated by TERMIDOR. The termites can't smell it, it doesn't repel them nor does it kill them instantly. Since they don't know it's there, they forage freely in the treated soil. TERMIDOR kills two (2) ways: 1) by ingestion and 2) by contact. TERMIDOR'S active ingredient fipronil is slow-acting and allows the foraging termites to continue their normal routine, long enough to contact other termites in the colony. Due to TERMIDOR'S 'Transfer Effect,' it provides 100% control within three (3) months.

5) TERMIDOR'S 'Transfer Effect:' how it works: Once a termite has ingested or contacted TERMIDOR treated material with its body, it becomes a 'carrier'. Every other termite it contacts will be infected...which in turn infects every other termite it contacts. But TERMIDOR works slowly, letting the infected termites contact many others before dying themselves. Overall colony management is fast: significantly faster than bait systems.

6) TERMIDOR has no odor. Since 1995, fipronil (the active ingredient in TERMIDOR) has been used globally for flea and tick control on millions of cats and dogs. Fipronil is also used around the world to protect food supplies. And since TERMIDOR bonds to the soil, there's no leaching through rainfall or irrigation.