- Floor

Garage floors should be constructed of non- flammable materials. Carpeting or other floor coverings should be removed. The floor should also be sloped to drain out the overhead door.


A wall or ceiling that separates the garage from the house is considered a fire separation. The coverings of these areas should not have large holes. It is typically not possible to determine the rating of these coverings.


Ventilation for the garage becomes critical when fuel burning appliances are installed in the garage. These appliances require air for proper combustion.

- Door to Living Space

The door that enters the house from the garage is considered a fire separation door and should be solid wood, solid core or rated for that location. Pet doors are not allowed.

- Exterior Door

Sometimes hollow core doors are installed in this location and moisture will delaminate the door skin at the bottom.

- Vehicle Door

Garage vehicle door types vary from roll-up to tilt-up to sliding. Older door hardware springs are considered unsafe if safety catches and wires are not provided. For safety, upgrading is recommended for older hardware.

- Automatic Opener

Garage door opener remote controls are not tested. If a door hits an obstruction during closing it should reverse automatically for safety. Older openers were not equipped with this safety function.

- Electrical

The garage is a common area for electrical wiring, lights and outlets to be added. All added electrical requires a permit. One of the most common mistakes is using extension cords to power lights or garage door openers.
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